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Sharing your Powerpoint slides

For your staff, prospects, customers to access your powerpoint presentations, several solutions exist:
  • Via specialized Websites
  • Sharing in your virtual conferences over your corporate intranet
  • Using a tool for collaborative work.

Note that:Slides are by extension the images projected by a presentation software like PowerPoint.

Interactive presentations

PowerPoint presentations are often used:
  • to present a balance sheet, annual report to customers
  • to describe and promote a company, its products and services to prospects
  • to illustrate the oral presentations for the launch of a product
  • to share information with colleagues

Far from being a succession of static images, your PowerPoint document may include text and pictures animations, videos, sounds and links to multimedia content.

PowerPoint provides visual, dynamic and attractive support for your oral presentations and will definitely highlight the important points of your pitch and sustain attention.
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Online sharing solutions

Online Powerpoint sharing services are becoming more numerous. They allow you to upload your powerpoint presentations for free and share them..

With these services, not only you can share your presentations but also integrate them to your website or blog, using the html insertion code.

Registration is free, quick and easy. After registering, you receive an email containing a link you need to enable to access your account. Then you can upload your presentations on the server. After a few seconds, your presentations are available online. Some services also provide simple tools to create presentations directly via the site. Visitors can leave comments and rate your slides.

By default, your presentation appears in a small window but it is possible to bring it into full screen for your oral presentations.

On Slideshare all your powerpoint documents are public, but on services like SlideBurner, ThinkFree or authorSTREAM, it is possible to set your Powerpoint slides as private, thus allowing only a certain number of people to view them.

Each powerpoint presentation has its link, then it is easy to send this link to a client/prospects/staff, who may therefore access your slide with a single click

Via virtual conference

Via virtual conferencing, you share and present real-time powerpoint slides.

Virtual conferences offer the ability to share applications, each of the virtual conference participants may take remote control of your PowerPoint application, to add elements to your presentation and show the result to all participants. For security reasons this features require authorization by the user.

Via your Intranet

For your internal presentations, the easiest solution is to put your PowerPoint presentations on your server. Your employees can easily access the intranet slides.

Give opportunity to your employees to improve the slides (each has the opportunity to post comments, add new ideas).

Build a library of slides that is available for all and reusable.

Tip: To ensure that all recipients are able to view your Powerpoint document, they must have the same version of the software. If they have an older version of Powerpoint, save your document in compatibility mode.

Download the latest version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer

Collaborative tools

Among the collaborative tools available on the market, some offer the option for sharing documents.

With Collibry, you create your PowerPoint document as teamwork. Collibry is a management solution for online Powerpoint presentations. With this software you can manage your library of slides on your intranet or remotely. Collibry comes also with a file sharing feature.

Google Pack Pro, allows you to work on shared documents in real time. "Google Docs Presentations " is the online competitor for Powerpoint and it provides functions sharing and collaborative work.

To learn more about collaborative tools useful in business environments:

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