DokuWiki: A simple, efficient and complete wiki

April 2018

Wikis are useful tools for rapid implementation of information pages and collaborative work.

DokuWiki is a compact, complete and very fast to implement wiki. It requires no database.


DokuWiki can be downloaded from the official site: ( dokuwiki-2010-11-07.tgz)
Unzip the archive and upload the files on your website (7-Zip can be used to unpack .tgz files). In this example, we shall place our wiki in the /wiki subdirectory of the website.
  • If your host supports .htaccess files, rename the .htaccess.dist files to .htaccess
  • Via a browser, go to page http://yoursite/wiki/install.php
  • At the top right of the page, you have the option to change the language.

  • Then fill in the title for wiki, the necessary information for the administrator of the wiki (login, password, name ...)
  • From there define the access policy for your wiki:

  • -Open Wiki: Everyone can read and write articles.
  • -Public Wiki: Everyone can read, only registered users can write.
  • -Closed Wiki: Only registered users can read and write articles.
  • Ifyou wish, you can specify the license under which the contents are to be published.

  • Then click the Save button.
  • Installation is complete!
  • Delete the install.php
  • You can now access the home page of your wiki: http://yoursite/wiki/

Creating the first page

Here's the homepage (empty):
  • Click "Create this page". You can then edit the page content.

  • DokuWiki has a simple syntax (** bold ** // italic //) but you can use the buttons included on the page instead of directly using the syntax.
  • Click "Preview" or directly or 'Save' once you have completed the page.
  • Here is our first page:

Create a link

  • We'll add a new page and a link to the latter.
  • Edit again your home page, and add the third line:

  • Click on "Save": The page has been changed, and the link appears in red. This means that it points to a page that does not exist yet.
  • Click on this link: You arrive on the new page that you just created with the button "Create this page ".

  • Add the following:

  • And click on "Save." The page is created!
  • In the homepage, the link is now in green:
  • Well then! here's how to create (and without great effort) two pages, with a link between them.
  • This make up the basic operations of DokuWiki. But you can explore the rest of DokuWiki (other syntaxes, Classification Folder / namespaces, sending images, rights management, Undo Changes, user management, plugins, etc..). The possibilities are numerous.

Original FAQ by Sebsauvage on CCM!
Published by jak58. Latest update on December 14, 2010 at 10:42 AM by jak58.
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