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Philips - updating firmware or codec

It is possible to upgrade the firmware of a Philips DVD-ROM by downloading the relevant drivers from the Philips website. Updating the Philips firmware or the codec can be done in two simple ways. To upgrade the firmware, the model number of the hardware has to be entered on the Philips site which describes the firmware upgrade process for devices made by Philips. This will allow the user to download the latest version of the specific firmware or the codec from the site, if an update is available. Follow the instructions for updating the Philips firmware or the codec by using either method.


The Philips International website has a feature that allows you to search for firmware and drivers for its products.


If you know the model number of the device (e.g. DVD 737, DVDR 890), enter it in the Enter model number window, and click on the arrow to search. A general page for this product will be displayed with links for Product support.

Two methods are available:
  • Getting Started, for firmware and drivers
  • Troubleshooting, for interactive troubleshooting

Method 1

  • Getting started
  • Software
  • Documentation
  • Product pictures

A page will appear with:
  • Software & Drivers
  • Firmware Upgrade - Software
  • English, Zip file (6.32 MB) V6.3

By clicking the Zip file, a "cp-frame Content" will appear.

Method 2

  • Software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Documentation
  • Product pictures

The "cp-frame Content" appears directly

Cp-page Content frame

This PDF document will contain relevant information about the updates. At the top of this document a download link is available.

Note: If "Getting Started" does not appear, there is no update available.

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