Use iLife 11 on PC

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The Windows operating system can be installed on a computer system and there are no restrictions of the hardware that can support the Windows operating system. In contrast, MacOS is a proprietary operating system owned by Apple that can be run legally on Mac machines only. While there may be hacks available on the internet to run Apple MacOS ilife application on Windows, they are not legal and hence are not advisable to be installed on computers that are not Macs. Though it may be possible, it is not legal to use the MacOs iLife application on a PC with Windows operating system installed.

Use iLife 11 on PC


I have an iMac i7 I just bought as developers as me work mainly with Windows 7; however I like the ilife mac. I have 2 partitions with a snow leopard and Windows 7. In both businesses succeeds snow leopard I run my app windows via parallels but in Windows 7 I would like to run my application example ilife 11 from snow leopard or my score at the very least roll a virtual machine OS X is that possible?


Actually on a Mac can emulate Windows because Windows is not related to PC. But on a PC, it is another matter, since Mac OS is the OS for Macs. Therefore it is illegal to run Mac OS on a PC, so apart from the hacks on the internet, there will be no turnkey solution.


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