Installing Office 2011 under Mac

Installing Office 2011 under Mac


I'm working on a brand new Mac mini with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I'm unable to install Office 2011 under Mac. I contacted the technical service, tried all the solutions proposed to do but in vain. I repaired permissions on my hard drive, still the same message: the installation failed. I cannot contact the technical department of Microsoft in French. I live in Quebec and they send me to France. Does anyone have a solution ?


I made this facility for many people. Everything went well. It was for people who bought the prior version 2008 and who were qualified to receive the 2011 version.
In your case, it may be that you had a trial version of MS Office 2011 already installed.
I suggest removing all traces of the old installation.

In the Finder, go to the Go menu / Go to Folder ...
In the window that opens type:
/ Private
and confirm
Navigate to the folder:
/ Private / var / db / receipts /
Here, find all files beginning with the words:
absolutely throw all those files, and if you find others with the word Microsoft or Microsoft, take them also.

Go to:
Hard disk / Users / yourname / Library / Preferences... and then discard the folder named Microsoft

Then, go to:
Hard disk / Users / yourname / Library / Application Support, and again throw the Microsoft

Empty the Trash.

In principle, now all should be clean, but to be sure, do a search on the term and Microsoft Office using the software EasyFind .
Throw then all that is visibly linked to a version of MS Office

Close everything and run a cleaning caches, log etc. .. coupled with a repair permissions. Make this manipulation at once using the freeware Onyx by this method:

-Download the correct version of Onyx software - one that matches your version of Mac OS here:,
or direct link for Snow Leopard:

Leave-check the SMART status of hard disk
Let Onyx-check the volume structure
-Then give him the password when prompted
-Then click the "Automation"
-Check all boxes except "Display the contents of files" not to change your presentation preferences folder windows
-Click "Run"
-Restart the Mac

Now try to install MS Office 2011


Solved by Sanspseudo

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