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[JAVA] Cisco Telnet Applet touchTab


I am working to modify a Java applet that allows me to make telnet (I use Telnet JTA) coupled to a Socks proxy. It works great, but I have a problem with the Tab key. In fact I control of Cisco equipment and therefore the Tab key is vital!
My Problem is if I press tab, I lose focus on the applet, and I have to click on it again.

I tried several solutions, in Javascript, by modifying the applet with the KeyEvent, requestFocus, setFocusTraversalKeysEnabled ... Nothing helps.

It's been 4 days that I'm on it and I'm starting to lose patience.

I must have a design problem, so my questions are:
- How to handle the Tab key as if I support it, the power key in the console and telnet that the focus remains on this applet?
- Java or Javascript?

The applet is on GNU

Thank you!


This Is not a bug. It's a change made in the Focus API specification. I did not like this change Because The compatibility with Previous version WAS broked.
Purpose if you use this code, Probably Will your application works fine: "getFocusCycleRootAncestor (). SetFocusTraversalKeysEnabled (false)"
The traversal keys like Will Work In The previous JVM versions.

It works perfectly (in HTML / Applet and appletviewer)!


Solved by ahmet0851

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