Automatic shutdown Ubuntu

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Automatic shutdown Ubuntu


Having a pc with Ubuntu with file sharing NTFS on it I wish that every day the PC stops at a certain time without any intervention on my part. Can anybody help me please?


To do this you must use the CRON command that manages the tasks, so with the graphical interface that is gcrontab, which is in the Ubuntu repositories:

sudo apt-get install gcrontab

or run without a GUI:

sudo cron-e: to edit a configuration file CRON

Then you choose the default editor (VIM for Me), and finally you will return to a line in the file containing information separated by a space or a tab:

The_minutes the_hours (over 24) the_date_the_month the_week command_to_execute

Example: 5 15 * * * shutdown-h now means extinction of the computer at 15:05 every day, every month


Solved by G_rico

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