Quicktime 7 on MacBook Air

April 2018

Quicktime 7 on MacBook Air


Hello, I got a MacBook Air for Christmas and I am acquiring QuickTime 7 Pro. But when I try to install it, the computer tells me that QuickTime X is already installed ... I tried to install QuickTime 7 with the mini usb supplied instead of the installation disc but I can only return the computer or reinstall iLife Zero ... Because I paid 30 euros for QuickTime Pro it bothers me not being able to use it.... If you have the solution to install QuickTime 7 on my MacBook Air would be very nice.


QuickTime 7 can be installed in more than 10 QuickTime for Mac OS 10.6, this way it retains the advantages of the Pro version. Simply, the QT version 7 is no longer puts in applications, but in Applications / Utilities. The installation went well when it is made from the DVD Mac OS 10.6 or USB key provided for the latest MacBook Air. (Optional equipment)


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