Using No-CD Crack, Key generator, Serial and Patches

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Using a no-CD crack, a keygen, a serial and patches involves working with illegal software. Software piracy is a menacing problem and certain software facilitates the violation of copyright and piracy laws to an alarming extent. For example, keygen software will generate a valid serial key for a software product that has not been purchased from the registered company. There are many unauthorised serials and patches available which compromise the security of a computer system, as it may contain malicious code. It is best to avoid using a no-CD crack, a keygen, a serial and patches, no matter how good they appear.

Using No-CD Crack, Keygen, Serial and Patches

A Patch or No-CD crack is a modified file or program that allows a user to run computer softwares without using the installation CD that is normally required.

A Keygen is a key generator program used to generate valid serial numbers to activate registered softwares. Keygens are provided by websites that promote software piracy and are hence illegal.

Websites offer them free on many online links. However, the use of these programs to steal serial codes and execute software that is protected by copyright is simply illegal. Cybercrime laws have toughened with time and the program providers, as well as the users, can be convicted.

Moreover, such programs can contain Trojans, Spywares and other viruses that can seriously damage your computer system as none of the websites from which they can be downloaded can be trusted.

US copyright law is clearly explained in this link:

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