Myth - WiFi is a health hazard

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Myth: WiFi waves can cause severe and sometimes irreversible health damage.

Reality: FALSE.


It is essential to turn off its WiFi, while not in use, as the WiFi waves cause health problems.



Currently, we are all "swimming" in the waves: radio waves (all stations, including amateur radio stations!), Satellite waves, the waves of your mobile phone ..are constantly passing through your body. This is not limited to the applicance you're using ... your neighbor's WiFi, TV station, WiFi ...


  • However, you are aware that it may be hazardous to have your mobile phone stick to your body all day long (May causecancers, sometimes). WiFi waves uses the same principle as a mobile phone, but in a much lower proportions: if a cell phone can send a wave over several kilometers (it does so continuously: network search), wave WiFi is limited to a few hundred meters.
  • Many public places are now equipped with WiFi hotspots: Airports, train stations, banks, hotels, restaurants and fast food, malls, cafes, government,Prefecture, high schools, public parks and even primary schools ...
  • Note that: so far no deaths or serious illness has been attributed specifically to the use WiFi.
  • In conclusion, unless you keep the antenna ofyour WiFi device pressed against you on a 24/7 basis, there is a small possibility that your body will get "damaged". A mobile phone in comparison, is much more dangerous. And even if you turn off your WiFi, nothing tells you that your neighbors will do the same thing and therefore all your actions will be in vain.

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