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Hotmail was one of the first e-mail services on the Internet and supports the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. It also has an Instant Messaging service to send messages and hold Instant Messaging conversations. When using Hotmail for sending messages, you may not find an option to attach your files to your message. The solution is to disable Silverlight. Microsoft Silverlight is a plug-in for writing and running Internet applications. To disable Silverlight, launch your browser and open Hotmail. Choose Add-ons from the tools menu and select toolbars and extensions. Select all add-ons and choose Microsoft Silverlight from the list and disable it. Now you will be able to attach your files to your messages.


How do I recover part of the toolbar from my Hotmail? The problem is I can't add attachments as all that part of the toolbar appears as locked (grayed out).
What can be done?


You'll have to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight to be able to use this toolbar again!
Jean-François Pillou

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