Excel 2010 - Toggle fullscreen view

Microsoft Office comes with the Excel application with which one can manage, analyze and share information in more ways than ever before. You can generate effective information and business insights that highlight and track data and communicate results through graphs and charts with innovative visuals and analysis tools. Excel 2010 allows you to switch to full screen view to see more data on the screen at once. Fullscreen view hides Microsoft Office's user interface ribbon, the status bar and the formula bar. Click on Fullscreen in the Workbook's View tab to switch to Fullscreen view. To return to the standard view, right click anywhere in the worksheet and this will close the full screen.

For better visibility you can toggle the full screen view under Excel 2010 at any time.
  • Simply click on the View tab > "Workbook Views" section > "Full Screen" button.
  • As a result, the toolbar will be completely hidden.
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