Installing TrueType fonts under Ubuntu

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Some individuals may need help and tutorials to help them deal with true type fonts. Installing the fonts can either be done in such a way that all users of a system can access the fonts, or otherwise only one user will have access to them. Witn the technique where all users can access the fonts, the user must copy true type fonts. Then the user must type fc-cache-fv. For the single user access method, a manipulation is also available under Ubuntu. The user must however be careful when making such manipulations and shouldn't undertake such system modifications without a decent understanding of how it all works.

Here is a brief explanation on how to install additional TrueType fonts (.ttf) on Ubuntu:

Installation for all users

Fonts installed by this method will be accessible to all users of the system.
  • (1) Copy fonts to be installed in /usr/share/fonts ( create a subdirectory in the directory to store the .ttf files)
  • (2) Type: fc-cache -fv

Installation for a single user

Fonts installed will be accessible by a single user.
This manipulation can be done without admin rights. Each user can have his/her own fonts.
  • (1) Copy fonts to be installed in ~ /.fonts
  • (2) Type: fc-cache -fv

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