Microsoft Arc Mouse - having two distinct DPI settings

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The mouse is one of the most important pieces of hardware that are used on a day-to-day basis with a computer. The Microsoft Arc Mouse is one of the latest models of mouse that are used these days. One can use a Microsoft Arc Mouse in two separate DPI settings to optimize his/her gameplay experience. These DPI settings are known as precision mode and the rapid mode. For this the user needs to install Intellipoint software. After that, the user needs to access Mouse properties and choose Precision Booster. After that the relevant settings for speed slider should be chosen and the settings saved.

You can configure your Arc mouse to have two different DPI settings (a precision mode or a rapid mode) and that should be very useful for computer games.

The trick is to assign the "Precision Booster" option to the left side button.

First you will need to download and install Intellipoint
  • Once installed Intellipoint will be available in "the Mouse Properties" options:
  • Start> Control Panel > Mouse.
  • In the Mouse Properties Windows select the "Button tab".
  • Expand the Left side button section and select "Precision Booster"
  • The "Precision Booster Assignment" dialog shall open.
  • Move the Speed slider to 90%
  • Keep the Toogle option checked

  • Validate with the Ok button

As from now on each time you'll press the left side button, you'll get a boost in speed (about twice the original speed).
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