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iPhones can be used to send and receive emails. If there is an issue with sending or receiving emails, configuration and settings may need to be checked. If the iPhone is unable to send emails from Mail.com (AOL), this could be due to incorrect IMAP account settings. Since AOL uses IMAP for security reasons, the IMAP mail account configurations need to be correct in order for the emails to be sent or received. An incorrect setting in an iPhone IMAP mail account can result in the iPhone being unable to send emails.


I am receiving emails (Mail.com), but am unable to send any. I know the email addresses I am using are correct but I am getting an error message saying 'sender email address invalid'.


Mail.com / AOL tend to use IMAP for security purposes. Here are the settings that worked for me:

  • Incoming
    • Server: pop.mail.com
    • Username: Full email address
  • Outgoing
    • Server: smtp.mail.com
    • Port: 587
    • Username: Full email address
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