PC slow after AVG downloaded

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PC slow after AVG downloaded


Please help, I have had to re-install Windows XP media series - it worked well until I downloaded AVG antivirus and then it became very slow. Obviously I need antivirus -is there one I can use which will not slow my PC so much? I have use McAfee in the past.


Among the top of the line antivirus application, AVG is the lightest.

The slowdown you are experiencing is due to disk fragmentation after all those installations you performed.

To speed-up your machine, I suggest you do the two following procedures:

1. Stop useless applications from running in the background from boot time. Download and run this simple tool, follow the instructions:


2. Defragment your hard disk

You can use this tool which is quite efficient:


You see a world of difference in the speed.


Solved by Ambucias

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