Error message: No bootable device

Error message: No bootable device


I am having a problem with my daughter's laptop. When she turned it on she got a gray screen that says: No bootable disk--insert boot disk and press any key. I have searched for how to fix this, but any instructions ask me to reformat or type something. I cannot do this because any key I press just gives me the same message. I do not have a startup disk and I never got around to making a backup disk. Is there any way to get around that? My other daughter has the exact same laptop purchased the same day (an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. Is there a way to fix this myself, or can I make a backup disk on the other laptop and use it for the one with the error message. I am hoping I can get an answer quickly as my oldest is going away on Sunday and the only way to keep in contact with her is through the webcam and Skype since it is an international destination. Thanks so much.


This error is indicative of a hard drive failure. You might need to replace the hard drive and re-install Windows.


Solved by xpcman

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