No audio output device installed?

Your audio device hardware may be working fine but you may find that the audio driver software is not working correctly. For it to function well you will need to perform a few checks, as follows. Click on the "start" button of your Windows operating system. In the "Search" option key in "Device Manager" and enter; when prompted, provide the Administrator login and password. There is a dropdown menu option with Audio, video and game setting controllers, where you need to select "+". You can right click on the status of hardware devices available in the list to know the properties of the multimedia devices. Check the status of the audio devices and ensure they are not disabled; also check if the drivers need updating. Right click the audio device and then click "Update Driver Software". The correct update can be found on the computer manufacturer's website.

I think I accidentally erased my sound. There is nothing under sound when I go to the control panel. It says no audio output device is installed. Please what can I do to get my sound back??? I need my sound for when my kids and I talk to their dad via the web cam while he is in Iraq. Thanks in advance!!
Ok, so I had the same problem. I tried everything these forums said to do. Someone, somewhere mentioned to check the BIOS. I went to the HP website to find the correct driver for my laptop, Sure enough I downloaded it, rebooted the computer and voila!!
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