Connect MacBook to a Panasonic Flatscreen

April 2018

Connect MacBook to a Panasonic Flatscreen


I have a problem, maybe one of you could help me out? I connected my MacBook via an adapter for the MiniDisplayPort and an HDMI cable to the TV. The image came over great, but no sound. I guess there must be done something on the configuration but I wouldn't dare on my own... Did anyone encounter this problem? Thank you so much for letting me knows if you know how to do it.


Finally I manage to solve it! You need to connect the HDMI cable to the TV and with the appropriate adapter to the MacBook. There you have the image, and then you use another cable for the sound. You need to change the sound configuration on your TV though to allow the sound to go through. You can do that in settings. Thanks to all who provided me with useful tips and recommendations?


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