Bittorrent Hash Fails

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Bittorrent Hash Fails


my question is from torrent users i want to ask that i am seeing that in now a days i face more hash Fails while downloading torrent... It is almost in every torrent. Can you please tell me what is the reason for that and how to avoid this... and which is the best software for torrent?????


It's just a corrupted part of the file i think, i think sometimes people even corrupt it to piss you off; it's not the software that's making it happen though. It has nothing to do with that, it's the price you pay for peer to peer filesharing. Soz
This is most easily done by downloading the latest blacklist from Bluetack (the same people who wrote SafePeer for the Azureus BT client) at This list is updated daily, and contains all known Anti-P2P organizations, trackers and peers, aswell as all known Government/Military IP addresses as collected by the Bluetack team. Once downloaded, extract and rename the file to "ipfilter.dat" in preparation for the final step.

To make the list available to µTorrent, you need to put it in %AppData%uTorrent. So type this into the Address Bar, or click Start -> Run and type it there. After placing the ipfilter.dat in this folder, start µTorrent and go into preferences (Ctrl+P), then click on "Advanced". In the right hand pane, make sure that "ipfilter.enable" is set to true, and then close the dialog. That's it for the configuration.

You can verify that the list has been loaded by looking under the "Logging" tab of µTorrent, where you should see the line "Loaded ipfilter.dat (X entries)".


Solved by Tweedledum and legend007

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