Samsung Galaxy Tab - Set password to lock the screen

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It is important to secure your Samsung Galaxy Tab in order to protect your valuable data from unauthorized access. To safeguard the device, it is necessary to set a password to lock the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. No hardware modifications or additional software is required to configure the Samsung Galaxy Tab to lock the screen. Just follow some easy instructions to set the screen lock on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and to safeguard the device against data theft and breach of privacy. You should know how to set the password to lock the screen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab using the most simple method.

The easiest way to protect your tablet from unauthorised use is to use a password to lock the screen. Here's how to do it:
  • From the start screen, go to "Menu > Settings > Location and Security > Set screen lock"
  • Select one of the options, for example PIN:
    • If you choose PIN, enter a numeric PIN when prompted (this will be your password) and press "Continue"
    • Confirm your PIN, then click "OK"

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