Hide applications and add empty space on the iPod Nano 6G

Hide applications and add empty space on the iPod Nano 6G

It was announced that the iPod Nano 6G had been hacked by James Whelton. Today, he shares a tutorial to remove applications pre-installed to add blank spaces. Note that this method has so far been tested on an iPod Nano 6G equipped with its 1.0 firmware on Windows. It could be that this hack does not work on Mac. Here's a detailed tutorial.

If you perform this tutorial, you take responsibility. Neither Kioskea.net nor I are responsible for your actions. The method described below is presented for information purposes and is not intended to encourage you to modify an Apple product.


  • iPod Nano 6G with firmware 1.0
  • iTunes 10


  • Connect your iPod Nano to your computer 6G. Open iTunes and make sure that the checkbox "Enable disk use "is checked.
  • Open the My Computer (or Computer in Vista & Seven) and double-click on your iPod Nano 6G. Select the function to show hidden files.
    • Tools> Folder Options ...
    • View tab> Check Display files, folders and drives hidden
  • Make a backup of IconState.plist (on the desktop for example). Subsequently, open this file with any text editor.
  • Delete the name of an application. In this example, the author has removed the application SBPhotos and SBGenres and SBAlbums . In fact, applications are not deleted in the true sense but it is their visibility on the system that no longer exists.
  • Save the file.
  • Do method ' SyncTug ': Hold down the volume "-" button and the button "Lock" at the same time until you restart the iPod. Once it restarts and the apple appears, disconnect your iPod Nano.
  • Once restarted, Applications Pictures and Styles should be more present. Space then there should instead, just before the application settings .
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