Tutorial: Install NitoTV, the first application for Apple TV

NitoTV was one of the first custom applications to be used on Apple's flagship digital media receiver called Apple TV. The hardware for different versions of Apple TV has changed a bit over time. However, it is still compatible with both Mac OS and Windows OS. NitoTV is primarily a media player. It allows users to create and store playlists of their choice. However, this application can be used for various other activities as well. One can use it to read web feeds like RSS. It can also be used to receive weather forecasts for the next three days.

Let's talk about NitoTV, the first application for jailbroken Apple TV. This application is a feed reader, which also does other things like weather. Here are the instructions to install it (by MuscleNerd).

  • Log in to SSH with WinSCP Apple TV2 for PCs (downloadable here) and Terminal for Mac

WinSCP to go orders -> Open with putty

  • Now (for Mac and Windows), type your password (the default password is "alpine")
  • Type: echo "deb http://apt.awkwardtv.org /"> / etc / apt / sources.list.d / awkwardtv.list
  • Type: apt-get update
  • Type: apt-get install com.nito.nitoTV
  • Type: killall Lowtide
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