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Tutorial: Play your Game Boy games on iPhone

iPhone has brought a revolution in mobile telephony by using some of the most advanced technological innovations. Not only does it allow users to talk but also to access the internet on the go and store and share multimedia. Now old school GameBoy fans can play their favorite games on an iPhone. For this, one would need a Gameboy emulator and the necessary ROM on the phone. After that, one needs to download Open SSH and WinSCP or CyberDuck. The tutorial lists out the necessary steps along with the settings that need to be used for this purpose.

Tutorial: Play your Game Boy games on iPhone

Are you nostalgic for your old Game Boy games, and want to play again? Then this tutorial is for you. This guide aims to explain how to run a Game Boy emulator on your iPhone (jailbreak required). It does not go into detail, so it is designed for users with some experience. If you are blocked at any step, explain your problem clearly commented.

1) Install the emulator on the iPhone

This is the easiest step. Open Cydia, find and install GB4iphone. This emulator supports Game Boy and Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance but no higher.
If you are unsuccessful, put your iPhone in its box and bring out your Nokia 3310: Technology is moving too quickly for you.

2) Find ROMs

These are actually the games that the emulator will run. These are the files that contained those expensive plastic cartridges. Only download ROMs corresponding to the games you own. You will find some here for example. If they do not have what you are looking for, try a Google search for the beast keyword GB ROM.
Once you have downloaded the ROMs, you must unzip them (if they are. Zip) to get them. Gb. Use your favorite unzip tool.
Be careful to only download ROMs GB and GBC games! GBA games do not work. Keep warm ROMs downloaded.

3) Download Open SSH

Weak available on Cydia.

4) Download WinSCP (Windows) or Cyberduck (Mac)

5) Make sure you have good SBSettings (tweak)

If this is not the case, go hang yourself. Then download it from Cydia.

6) Enable SSH SBSettings

SSH is normally a button (toggle) default SBSettings. It must be activated. If you do not see it, go to options SB (More button) and then in "Set Toggles. Turn it on here. If it was active but did not appear, click and drag the Move Rows.

7) Access via SSH to your iPhone to transfer the ROMs

A) With Windows (WinSCP)
  • iPhone and your computer must be connected to the same WiFi. Open SBSettings and see the IP of your iPhone.
  • Open WinSCP. Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Host name: IP of your iPhone.
    • User name: root
    • Password: alpine
    • Do not touch the rest.
  • Click Login.
    • An error message appears. Click Yes.

Now in the right pane it will display the contents of your iPhone. Go back one level by clicking on [...] and then follow the path to / private / var / mobile / Media / ROMs / GAME BOY. In this case, drag your ROMs by copying slide.

B) With Mac (Cyberduck)
  • iPhone and your computer must be connected to the same WiFi. Open SBSettings and see the IP of your iPhone.
  • Launch Cyberduck and click on Open Connection . Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Choose SFTP
    • Find the IP address of your iPhone
    • Username: root
    • Password: alpine
  • Click connect.
    • Navigate to / var / mobile / Media / ROMs / GAME BOY and drag the folder into the ROM.

8) Launch gb4iphone

Start gb4iphone. If everything went well, the ROMs transferred appear in the list. Pick one and run it, preferably in landscape (in my opinion they do not display in portrait). The sound is often awful, it may be switched off.

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