What Causes an HTTP 500 Error and How To Fix It

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The HTTP 500 error code is caused by an internal server error, and it can be frustrating to received when you are trying to access a webpage. This article will introduce the error to you, explaining what causes it and how it can be resolved.

What Causes an HTTP 500 Error

The web host is not necessarily responsible for the occurrence of an HTTP 500 error. It is often due to a file or a directory belonging to the website that you are trying to access; when the web server encounters difficulty in finding a URL, it displays the HTTP 500 error.

How To Fix an HTTP 500 Error

To resolve an HTTP 500 error message, the administrators of the server on which the website is hosted must search for the source of the problem. To do so, they must analyze site logs to get more information about the error. The HTTP 500 error can also occur during the maintenance of a website.

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