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Bad Pool Caller/ Header


If after launching an application, a blue screen appears on your screen displaying below error message :

Bad Pool Caller 
Bad Pool Header 


The error message or Caller Bad Bad Pool Header display whenever a call for an application failed. It is usually followed by a set of numbers, often in the form 0x *****) specifying the type of error.

Below are some tribulations that might lead to the above mentioned error failure:

  • Driver (driver) graphics card corrupt
  • USB ports in the boot sequence BIOS. Simply enter the BIOS setup and remove USB devices of the boot sequence: (boot sequence)
  • memory (RAM) defective
  • CPU Overheating

If you get this error message at startup and you are unable to boot Windows

  • This may be due to a faulty hardware:
    • A memory module is faulty
    • Your BIOS takes a lot of time to identify the device
    • You haven't connected keyboard and mouse properly (check the PS2 connectors)
    • CPU/ graphics card highly overclocked
  • First,disconnect all USB devices, check that the keyboard connector is not in the port for the mouse connector (vice versa)
  • Try to start your PC, if Windows boots, the problem was due to a failing USB device/port or a wrongly connected one!
  • If Windows doesn't boot then start your computer with a single memory module.
    • This will allow you to identify the faulty memory module.
  • If the BIOS of your motherboard is recent, please check that you have not connected a CD drive or hard disk dating from 1998 or earlier.
  • Unplug all the internal device (except the hard drisk, of course).
  • In the case that you have highly-overclocked CPU and/or your graphics card from the BIOS.
    • Do a "Load default setting" (reset the BIOS settings) save and restart.

"I've always this problem, what to do?

Your motherboard must be defective, replace it. (better take advice from a professional before making any expensive purchase).

You get this error message while using Windows

  • This is due to an incorrectly installed driver.
    • "You use a program that tries to make a critical change to Windows.
    • "You have this error message during a game or when the PC has been in use for more than a few hours.
  • Reinstall your drivers.

If it works, fine, if it does not work, then check out if:

  • You are using software that wants to make a critical change to Windows (eg edit a file important for the proper functioning of Windows)
  • Your system overheating. Remove dust. Change the thermal paste, replace cooling fans by more powerful ones.

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