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Safari is the web browser application that is installed on your Apple iPad or iPhone. It comes with many features including the ability to bookmark the websites that you visit frequently or any web page you want to have instant access to. The Safari application allows you to generate a new bookmark and once you have created it you can access that website very easily and quickly. Tap the Safari icon on your iPad or iPhone and enter the website you want to bookmark in the search bar and click on the Go button. Tap the Add bookmark button in the settings icon and click on save button.

To have the Bookmarks bar on Safari permanently displayed:
  • From the Homescreen > tap on Settings > Safari.
  • Move the slider button next to "Always show bookmarks bar" to the right to turn it ON.
  • Press the Home button to get back to the Homescreen.
  • Open Safari and go to one of your most visited websites.
  • Press the + symbol and select "Add Bookmark."
  • Personalize the site name that appears in the first field.
  • The Bookmarks toolbar shall appear below the URL bar.
  • Click "Save."

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