Facebook: Monitor the access to your account and disconnect it

Facebook: Monitor the access to your account and disconnect it remotely

Facebook added a feature that enhances the security of your account. It is called "Security Account". When you access, Facebook gives you the latest activity on your account.

On his blog, Facebook said that more and more users access their account on the move or from a computer that does not belong to them. In principle, the "Security Account" offers better protection when a user forgot to log off, or he lends his mobile device to a friend. With one click you can disconnect a computer that is always connected to your Facebook account

This feature also gives access to the date and time of the last connections, where they were made and the device name. If there is an anomaly, it is possible to disable the remote device and change its password.

To enable "Security account" go to the menu "Account" - "Account Settings." This is where you find "Notifications when connecting" and "Latest activity". With one click you can remove access to a device that you cannot identify.

Facebook can also notify you by email or SMS (text message) when a new computer or smartphone connects to your account. Increasingly, Web services improve security by adding features to monitor the use of an account. It is a good initiative from Facebook, except that "Security account" is not necessarily easy to find. If you use Gmail, you can monitor access to your account.
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