Samsung Galaxy Tab - (Soft)Reset your device

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When your Samsung Galaxy Tab does not respond to commands or 'hangs', then soft reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab to get it working again. No specific hardware or software is required to reset the Samsung galaxy tab to the factory settings. Learn to soft reset the Samsung Galaxy tab in a few easy steps. Performing a normal soft reset on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is simple, safe and easy but there could be some loss of data. Follow the instructions carefully and soft reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab in two easy steps to get it working again.

To reset your Galaxy Tab to its factory settings:
  • Press the "Menu" key (to the left of the home key) and go to "Settings > Privacy"
  • In Personal, click "Delete all phone data"
  • Carefully read the warning message and, if you want to continue, press "Reset Phone"

Note: This operation deletes all data on your phone including downloaded applications, settings and contacts.
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