Samsung Galaxy Tab - unable to receive files via Bluetooth

There may be situations where you need to transfer files and data via Bluetooth from tablets and PC and vice-versa. Bluetooth connection needs to be enabled, which should enable the transfer to take place. Check if the Bluetooth option is active by selecting the Bluetooth settings. If the check box is green, this means Bluetooth is active. Link the hardware device to the location where you want to receive data. In the connection window, enter a four digit code in the data transfer device and in the Samsung Galaxy Tab enter the same code. A device "linked" message confirms that the connection has been established. Networking with Bluetooth eliminates hassles of the hardware and cables. If the Bluetooth connection fails now, there might be a hardware problem.


I can send but can't receive files via Bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. What shall I do?


Check out if the Bluetooth option is active

On the Home screen, "Press on menu > Settings> Wireless and Networking> Bluetooth Settings "
Make sure the check mark is green

Initialise a connection with the other device

In Bluetooth devices found, click "Link to this device" for the device you want to link it to
  • In the connection window, enter a code of four numbers or letters eg 1,2,3,4 (no commas) then click "OK"
  • The other device should receive the application for attachment. The recipient must accept it and then enter the same code you entered previously (1,2,3,4)
  • Once the connection is established, on the other device a message will appear saying "Linked"
  • From now on you will be able to receive files via Bluetooth from the device.
  • If after linking the two devices still cannot receive files via Bluetooth, turn the tablet off and back on.

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