Winamp 5.55 - Convert mp3 to wav files

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To convert mp3 files to wav format using Winamp 5.55, all you have to do is to configure the program to modify the audio output, follow these steps:
  • Open Winamp
  • Click on the Options menu> Preferences
  • In the window that opens, select "Plug-ins" > "Output"
  • In the right pane, select "Nullsfot Disk Recorder v2.14 ..." (In this mode you can not hear audio files). Then click on "Configure"
  • In the "Conversion", check "Convert to format". If you want to change the output file location, click the button to the next "Directory" > choose the folder of your choice and click on the "OK" button
  • Now open the mp3 file you want to convert with Winamp and the conversion will start automatically.
  • After the conversion, you must reconfigure Winamp so you can play the files normally. To do this: Options> *Preferences> Output (Plug-ins)> select Nullsoft DirectSound Output ...> click on the Close button "


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