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ACCESS-Restoring default menu

Restoring the start up of an Access database


Here below you should find out how to restore the default menu and window management of the Access database (assuming that they have been modified).

If you have modify the start up of your database? You have deleted the default menu to save your own menus? Here is how to proceed.


  • Exit Access
  • Select your basic database project (.mdb Access or 97-2003. accdb for Access 2007)
  • Open it while holding down the Shift key.
  • It should be fine.


  • When starting an Access database(if modified),set up will automatically launch a macro autoexec.bat.
  • The Shift key can ignore the implementation of this macro,resulting in the display of the default Access menus.
  • It also ignores the automatic execution of the macro autokeys(keyboard shortcuts performing specific actions).

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