Reading a .Pub file without Publisher

To open and read a publisher file, Microsoft Publisher must be installed on the computer system. Reading a .pub file without the publisher is not possible. There is a solution to this issue which allows the user to read the contents of the publisher file without the Microsoft Publisher software. The simplest way is to convert the publisher file into a PDF file. There are some websites that convert publisher files into PDF for free. No additional software components or plug-ins for Office software need to be installed. Reading a .pub file without the publisher can be done easily by converting the publisher file into PDF, online.

It is impossible to read a .pub file without Microsoft Publisher, but you can get around this by converting it to PDF format.

You can convert files to PDF free here.

To convert a file to PDF, follow these steps:
  • Click "Browse", select the file you wish to convert
  • Click "Convert"
  • You will be given the choice between downloading the PDF file to your computer or sending it by email
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