Hotmail offerts the ability to create alias for an email address

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Hotmail offerts the ability to create alias for an email address

The interface of Hotmail has improved considerably in recent months. The latest innovation lets you create aliases to add to your main address. You can add up to five aliases per year and up to a maximum of 15 aliases. So three years to get all your aliases.

Aliases are secondary email addresses that point to your principal address. They can be extremely useful if you participate in surveys, contests, or when an email address is required to register for a Web service.

Hotmail will offer to create a separate inbox for each of your aliases. You can use aliases to send and receive messages. E-mail using these addresses will be automatically filtered and sorted in their respective folder.

To create aliases:

1 - Click on the wheel which appears on the right of "Inbox".
2 - Select "Create an alias Hotmail.
3 - Select the alias of your choice.
4 - It is possible to create an alias using Hotmail or Live.
5 - Add the mailbox to be used for your alias.

Although this feature is very interesting and extremely useful, do not expect to create aliases short, simple and sexy. Since Hotmail is the most popular Webmail service, the most interesting places are no longer available.

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