Tutorial: Create your boot logo

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Tutorial: Create your boot logo

Requirements and download:

  • Have an iPhone / iPod Touch / jailbroken jailbroken under iOS iPad 4.2.1 RC5 with GreenPois0n (GreenPoison only!)
  • Installed "Apple Boot Logo" from Cydia (modmyi source)
  • Have OpenSSH installed from Cydia and PreferenceLoader (BigBoss)


  • 1. Connect with SSH using Filezilla or other ( iFunBox ), go to the folder / Library / Bootlogos.
  • 2. Create a folder there and give him the name you want. Eg "iPhoneAddict.
  • 3. You should know that your animated image is made of a succession of images. Therefore put your pictures in this folder, but no matter how, in order:

0.png -> first frame of the animation
etc. ..

For each new animated logos, create a new folder.
  • 4Restart your device and then Go to the settings of your device -> bootlogo, then choose your boot logo.
  • 5. Reboot to see your new screensaver.

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