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CCleaner - Using Inclusions or Exclusions.

You can configure CCleaner automatically clean (a particular type of) files from any folder or exclude on the contrary exclude them while cleaning your system.
  • Open the program
  • Click on Options (small blue gear icon-in the left colum)
    • The two tabs that will concern us are:
    • Include: allows you to define the types of files that must be deleted and from which folder
    • Exclude:allows you to define which files, folders or registry entries will remain untouched.

To include files

Click on the Include Tab > in the right pane click on the Add button
  • In the now dialog that opens check the appropriate options

In the "Include section"
  • To include a particular file > check the "File" option > click on browse and select the file (Note that in this mode the File Type section will be grayed out)

  • To include a particular Drive or folder > check the "Drive or Folder" option > click on browse and select folder or drive of your choice

The next step is to configure the file type.
  • If you want to clean all the files in the folder then leave the "All files" option checked
  • In the other case define the file types that you want to clean out, as below:

In this example all the .png files from the Picture library will be clean out each time CCleaner is launched.
You can add other file format using a comma (,) as seperator .

To exlude files, folders registry keys

  • To define an exclusion, Firs click on the Exclude tab and then on the Add button
  • In the new dialog select the type of exclusion, will it be a particular file, folder or registry entry, check the appropriate option and indicate the path to this particular item using the Browse button

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