How to make a screenshot on the iPad?

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An iPad can be used for taking screenshots like iPhones. To take a screenshot, it is required to press the power button located on the top right hand side of the iPad and the home button placed at the centre. A small sound and flash confirm the manipulation has been done. The screenshot application is available in the photo menu of the iPad. Screenshots which are taken by an iPad can be used for a wide range of things. The screenshots that are taken by an iPad can be used as attachments and sent by email, assigned to a person's contact details, printed & used as a wallpaper or quite simply as a screensaver.

How to make a screenshot on the iPad?

With the iPad you can, like the iPhone, take screenshots. Simultaneously press the centre circle button (Home) button, and Power, which is located on the top right hand of the iPad. A small flash and a small noise will confirm that you have taken the screenshot. The screenshot can be found in the Photos application. You can easily use the screenshots for a multitude of things. You can send your screenshots by mail (email) assign them to a contact, use as wallpapers, print ...etc.
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