iPad - open links in new page

Safari is the default browser for iPads, iPhones and other Apple mobile telephony devices. The iPad version of Safari comes with new added features. These features have been popular with Apple's touch-based telephony with devices like the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac book. One of the frequently used features includes the multiple tab opening one. It is now possible to have up to nine new page links. Just tap on the Safari web browser icon on your desktop to open a link in a new page. If you need a new page, and keep the existing page open as a parallel page, point the cursor at the URL and hold for two seconds. As the options "Menu" opens, click on "Open" to open the link in a new page. There is also an option to switch back to the previous webpage by clicking on the icon webpage located at the top in the "Menu" tab.

As on a desktop computer, you can open links in a new page with Safari, thus avoiding losing the current page. Simply press and hold your finger over the hyperlink for a couple of seconds and it shall open in a new page.

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