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An email message is relayed or transferred across multiple mail servers or computers on the internet before it reaches the recipient's inbox. Due to security issues, some mail servers restrict the IP addresses and domains from where they can accept an email message. If the message has been blocked from going further, an error message stating that the relay access has been denied is returned to the sender of the email. The return message along with the relay access denied error contains detailed information and timestamps including the IP address or hostname of the server responsible for the rejection.


Your email client displays the following error:

Error 554 - Relay Access Denied


This is to the use of an outgoing server (SMTP) outside the provider (ISP) field.
  • To prevent spam, SMTP servers are modified to work only with their subscribers.
  • You are therefore recommended to configure your mail client (Outlook, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.).
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