Use your Galaxy Tab as a WiFi modem

A Samsung Galaxy Tab can be used effectively as a Wi-Fi modem through which one can connect to the internet from any device. For use as a modem, the Samsung Galaxy Tab must have a data tarrif plan through which use as a modem is made possible.To use the Tab as a Wi-Fi modem in the Wireless and Networking setting, Mobile AP app. must be selected. The application will provide instructions which will enable Tab users to start the wireless connection process. The user must ensure that the hardware of the device remains compatible with the Galaxy Tab.

If you have a data plan with your Galaxy tab, then you can configure it to be used as a WiFi modem. In this way you can connect wirelessly to the Internet from any device equipped with this technology: a notebook, a mobile phone and even your iPad. To do this, follow these steps:

  • From the home screen of your tablet, go to Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networking > Mobile AP
  • Check Mobile AP and follow the instructions

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