VB6 - Manage INI files + Miscellaneous functions

April 2018

This demo includes a BAS module to write and read in an INI file and a form to demonstrate the use of functions

The code is well documented and easy to implement
Module header

Lermite - module LN_Routines
Version 3.3 7/05/2002

Manage calling and recording function in an INI file.
  • Store/return of alphanumeric variables
  • Store/return of numerical variables

And some general routines
  • CentreForme: Centre the form in the middle of the screen
  • PlaceDessus: Place the form on top of other applications.
  • PlaceForme: Place the form with the upper/left corner(from mouse pointer

Incr: Increment a variable Eg: Incr (B)
DECR: Decrement a variable Eg: Decr (B)

To use all the functions in your app, add the LN_RoutinesINI module to your project.
Download project:
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