A shortcut to view a full size composition InDesign?

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A shortcut to view a full size composition InDesign?


To view a document in InDesign size (100%), you can use the View menu and click on the heading Actual Size. Passage through the same menu, you can adjust the size of the composition to that of the screen story maximize workspace. In any case, the toolbar offers two tools that facilitate these actions: The Magnifier Hand. The magnifying glass allows a course of Zoomer part of the composition by drawing a rectangle over the area to magnify. While the hand slipped allows mouse to move the composition to center the work area. But note this: Double click the Loupe tool instantly displays the actual size composition (100%), A double-click the Hand tool instantly displays the composition to the screen size. These shortcuts are a time saving and comfort!
Jean-François Pillou

Jean-François Pillou - Founder of CCM
Better known as Jeff, Jean-François Pillou is the founder of CommentCaMarche.net. He is also CEO of CCM Benchmark and digital director at the Figaro Group.

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