Outlook Express - create letter paper/insert background image

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There is a feature in Outlook Express which allows you to have the images, text and illustrations you like, on email. To change the necessary settings, the user needs to go to the Messages tab located in the options section of the tools menu of Outlook Express. Select the paper section, to create a desired Email with background. There is an application named "Letterhead Manager" in Outlook Express that manages the background image and illustrations. Select the format, background, image, or illustration you like from the selection menu. Lastly browse through and select the desired background image. Confirm by selecting "OK". You may download images from the internet and use them for your emails.

The letter paper is an Outlook Express feature allowing users to send emails with illustrations (images, text, etc.) as background.

Creating letterhead under Outlook Express

In the main window of Outlook Express:
  • Click on the menu Tools and select Options
  • Click the tab Messages
  • In the section paper, click on the button "Create" to open the letterhead wizard
  • Click on Next
  • Select the image to be inserted in the background. You can move through the options in the "Position". In the dropdown "Rearrange", choose "Whole Page" to get your wallpaper covering the whole mail.
  • Choose your background color and click "Next".
  • Select the font to be used in the mail and click "Next".
  • Set the margins to the left and right, then click "Next".
  • Choose a name for the paper mailbox, then click "Finish".

Use your letterhead with Outlook Express

In the main window of Outlook Express:
Click on the menu to the right of the icon "create a new message".
Click on "Select letterhead".
Choose the HTML file (extension. Htm) bearing the name of paper to use and click on OK.
A new mail with the layout will open.

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