Making a backup of your drivers using DriverMax

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It happens that for some reasons you want to reinstall your OS and that no driver CD are available or for some hardware (integrated GPU or sound card), it is very difficult to find the proper drivers.

The tip below, will explain how to use DriveMax to backup your Drivers.


This freeware will allow you to make a backup of your drivers easily,without any CD support.


Can be downloaded from:this link

Backup procedure

  • Once installed, open the program an go to Drivers operations submenu.

  • Click on Export drivers

  • The list of drivers identified on your PC will be displayed.

  • Click on Select all then click Next

  • You have 2 options to export your drivers, either as a compressed file or not.


Remember to choose a destination folder on a different partition on your hard drive that contains your operating system. If you only have one partition, back up your drivers on removable media (CD ,DVD)
Click on Next
  • The progress window of the procedure will appears.

  • All your drivers are now saved.

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