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iTunes - Unknown error occurred (-42032)

While authorising purchases and computer applications for the latest iTunes, an unknown error code of (-42032) is generated. This problem is found to be frequent in the Czech version of the Windows XP operating system. As a solution to the problem, it is required to run the iTunes software application as the administrator of the system. To open the iTunes application as an administrator, simply right-click on the respective icon on the desktop. When the iTunes application is opened, it will prompt for the account information. When the application form is filled out properly, the problem will disappear in seconds.


With the latest iTunes, authorising of computer / purchasing applications sometimes cause the following error :
Unknown error occurred (-42032)

This error seems to occur particularly frequently for users with a Czech version of Windows XP.


  • Open iTunes as an administrator
  • Right-click on the iTunes icon on the desktop and select "Open as an administrator"
  • iTunes should open
  • iTunes will prompt for account info. Just fill in the form and you're done, the problem should disappear!

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