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Filezilla FTP client create an FTP account

Filezilla FTP client create an FTP account

Filezilla is a FTP client that allows you to transfer files to any FTP server. Many webmasters (myself for example) use to upload files and manage their websites.

They transfer their files locally developed among their hosts, that is what we'll see in this tutorial with an example of a site to be transferred from FREE.

Start filezilla:
Click on File then Site Manager

The following window appears:
1 - Click on New Site
2 - Provide a name for your site (such as the name chosen in FREE)
3 - Site Details:
- Host: (site address, without http:// and www for the NDD. com etc ... (tutoriauxpc.free.fr for our example)
- Server type: FTP
- Authetification Type: Normal
- Enter the username and password lae (the user name is free in the name of your site without it. Free.fr)
4 - Click on Advanced

The following window appears:
We will put the files remote and local default:
1 - Remote Directory: FREE With nothing to the other show with your host (often public_html)
2 - Local Directory: click on the button (...) and select the folder where your site is locally
Click OK
You'll find yourself on the window above, click Save and Exit

We return to the home window Filezilla
As show below click on the dropdown menu and select your site .

1 - View of the connection to the FTP FREE in the example (10MB user on the 1024 MB)
2 - Local Folders tree and select the folder is shown in our preferences
that the local folder by default.
3 - Tree site, files and folders
4 - Our site on the remote server (with FREE in the example)
5 - for transferring files and folders

To transfer folders and files from your PC to the remote server
simply drag and drop as in the example below
In the view we see the transfer progress of the transfer,
the speed in kb / s, the elapsed and remaining time, size, etc. ...

If you have existing files with same names on the remote server the following window appears
Simply answer the following cases, if you check Always use ....
we do more poseras issue in the current session and the action will be selected for all files.

You are now ready to transfer your site from your web host, or transferring files from a friend if he has an FTP server!

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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