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Windows Live Mail - Check for new mail more regularly

Windows Live Mail is a free webmail service from Microsoft that allows users to access their emails whilst connected to the internet. For users who get a lot of email during a single session, it would be worth customizing the updating frequency of Windows Live Mail to check for new mail more regularly. For this, the user needs to access Mail settings and make the necessary changes in the section for 'Send/Receive Messages'. Here the user will need to specify the desired time interval in minutes between new mail checks.

If you receive a lot of email during the day, it may be interesting to adjust the frequency at which Windows Live Mail checks for new messages Here's how to proceed:
  • Click on File > Options >Mail
  • In the new window that opens, click the General tab.

In the "Send/Receive Messages" section, you shall have the "Check for new message every"

Simply modify the number of minutes to your convenience.

Note that you can also change the behavior of this process, using the small drop-down menu.

Validate with the OK button.

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