Charging your iPad with a PC

The majority of PCs are unable to charge the Apple device when plugged into a USB port, while all Macs (since mid-2007) are able to do so.

The Apple device requires more than the usual 500 mA (at 5V) of USB ports and will only charge at 1 A. Contrary to popular belief, Apple does not use a proprietary system, but a USB standard options ("Battery Charging").

Specifically, the standard indicates that a classic USB 2.0 port can supply 1.5 A to the compatible devices and a dedicated USB port for recharging may even offer up to 1.8 A.
Here's a solution from Azus:

A software named Ai Charger that can deliver 1.2A instead of 0.5A to charge the iPad!

You'll need:

  • an iPad (WiFi/3G)
  • Ai Charger, download here
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven (32-bit or 64-bit )
  • Unzip
  • Open V1.00.06? folder
  • Run "Setup.exe" to begin installation

iPhone and iPod Touch will recharge faster.
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