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ThinkFree Office for Android - Tutorial

Android based mobile devices can use Thinkfree Office as the office software suite. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents can be opened with Thinkfree Office as it is compatible with the Microsoft Office Software. With Thinkfree Office for Android, it is possible to create a text document, edit and save the document, modify fonts, copy, cut and paste text,add a photo or image to the document and much more. Thinkfree Office for Android is available for free and can be downloaded from the web. Some Android mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S have Thinkfree Office already preinstalled.


ThinkFree Office is an office suite for mobile devices based on Android, compatible with Microsoft Office suite. This means that ThinkFree can open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • You can also upload your documents to ThinkFree Online and access them from any PC or mobile device that has Internet access.
  • It also allows you to share your documents, enabling collaborative work.
  • ThinkFree Office is already installed on some mobile devices such including Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy S. You can also download it from the Android Market

Create a text document

To create a text document with ThinkFree Office on your mobile device, follow these steps:
  • Click on the ThinkFree Office icon (Start button > Applications)

  • In the application's interface, click on the "My docs" tab and a tree directory appears (showing the locations on your memory card)

  • Click on the "Menu" button and select "New"

  • In the window that opens, select "Document"

  • Enter a name for the document and click "OK"

  • This opens a blank sheet with the keyboard to start working on your document.

Edit and save the document

At the top right of the interface, you'll find the necessary tools to edit and save the document.

To save the document

To save your document you have two possibilities:
  • Click on the floppy disk icon (first button) and automatically save the document at the root of the memory of your device

  • Click on Menu > File > Save As and select the folder where you want to save the document

Modify the fonts

The tool to change the font type (second button in the form of T) allows you to:
  • Change font size
  • Make text bold, italic etc.
  • Change the color of the font

Add a photo or image to the document

Press the third button shown in this tool and select the image or photo you want to add to your document.

Select text

The text selection tool (the button with the arrow pointed up) can select text, from a single letter to the entire document, that you can then cut, copy or edit.

Copy, cut and paste

The clipboard tool allows you to copy or cut the text highlighted with the Selection tool. It also allows you to paste the cut/copied text.

Display/hide keyboard

The last button (in the form of a keyboard) of the toolbar allows you to display/hide the keyboard.


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