Internet Explorer 9 - Download and installation

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[Internet Explorer 9] Download and installation

You can have access to the latest version of Internet explorer (9) on this link:
  • Simply select your version (32 or 64 bits) and hit the download button.
  • Once downloaded (depending on the OS version used) click on:
    • IE9-Windows7-x64-enu_2.exe
    • IE9-Windows7-x32-enu_2.exe
  • The additional files shall be downloaded during the installation process:
  • You will be prompted to close all running program before finalizing the installation
  • Note that you can close all the application manually or you can close all the application manually or select the "Close it for me..." and click on the Continue button

Finally your new IE browser is installed:

Note that: If you're using Windows 7, this version of IE will be quite interesting as it fully integrates with your OS.

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